About me


I am a Virginia native with roots in Richmond and the Shenandoah Valley. I’m a 2006 graduate of Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies. I split my time in college between Architecture, English, and WUVT 90.7 FM Blacksburg, and have endeavored to merge the three ever since.

I earned my Architecture License from the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2015. I’ve worked on architecture projects throughout the state, as well as Kiawah, SC; Memphis, TN; Washington, DC; and Los Angeles, CA. My experience is primarily in creating new spaces in old places.

I opened FIELD PARTI in September of 2018 based on the premise that design is political: it is a labor that shapes our environments, and should reflect our values and aspirations.

I met my wife at a party in 2009, lent her my mittens in the great Snowmageddon of 2010, took her to a fire at Hollywood Cemetery in April, and the next day she asked me on a date. Her laughter is pure light. She’s a boss, a keen strategic thinker, and builds better brands at Campfire & Co.

I’m the proud ‘father’ to a mysterious and strangely confident cat.

I’m the proud twin brother to a clear-eyed and full-hearted housing policy analyst. He’s extremely handsome. Follow him on twitter.

I’m the proud son to a mom that taught me how to move through the world, and a dad that showed me.